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Where should I begin? 

Once you have set your date and confirmed your venue contact us! We can then check availability for your special day and work together on gathering a list of items you love. Feel free to start the process by reaching out at to confirm availability. 

How do I rent from you?

We try to keep our collection up to date on our website each piece is given a name if you have found pieces that you would like to rent please send an email with the names of the pieces, tentative quantity, the date of your event, the name and location of your venue and if you would prefer to pick-up or have delivery. Once this information is received we can review your requests and provide you with a personalized rental proposal.  There is a %50 retainer fee as well as a signed rental agreement that must be complete to confirm reservation for your event.

Is there a minimum I have to rent? 

At Little Goodies Boutique we understand that you may just need that one last piece to complete your day! Because of this we do not require a minimum amount on pick-up rentals. For all rentals that you would like to be delivered there is a minimum of $200.

Is there an additional cost for delivery? 

Yes, delivery fees are added based according to mileage and additional services that may be needed to transport the items.

Any other questions you have feel free to contact us!

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